MUSE: the restaurant productivity suite that lets you Measure, Motivate, and Mentor your staff to success

“Nothing situates, stimulates, and motivates people quite like a leaderboard.”

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MUSE aligns incentives between management, the company, and staff to produce higher customer satisfaction ratings, better sales numbers, and a culture of excellence


Leverage the principles of sales gamification to harness the natural competitiveness of your team


Command menu mix profitability by guiding sales attention toward the items you want to sell

Performance Management

Rank your staff on the objective measurements that really matter to your business

Staff Scheduling

Award your top performers with their preferred shifts while simplifying your scheduling process

Time-off Scheduling

Centralize management of time-off requests

Sales and Labor Forecasting

Aggregate and visualize historical POS data to better forecast sales and labor requirements

Harness your data
like never before.