Objective Logistics is changing the workplace. Our software suite, called MUSE, provides an artificially-intelligent, web-accessible labor performance management platform built specifically for the retail and hospitality industries. MUSE is proven to increase sales and guest satisfaction, and save managers countless hours of time. MUSE introduces a healthy competitive environment that compels staff to self-motivate and provides data to help management have meaningful conversations with their team members. Incorporating game dynamics, performance-based scheduling, built-in rewards programs, labor optimization and data analytics, MUSE allows staff, managers, and executives to focus on what drives their business, not what drives them crazy.

We were founded in January of 2009 with the intent of bringing together experienced retailers, restaurateurs, software engineers, game theorists, behavioral & data scientists, and leading academics in order to fix what’s broken amongst your workforce – and we’re constantly hard at work doing just that.


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Objective Logistics is a rapidly growing, venture-backed software company based in Boston, MA. We are always in need of talented, hardworking people with backgrounds in software development, sales, marketing, and technical services. If you are passionate about the latest web and mobile technologies and are ready for a challenge, lets talk. Learn More ›

“Inherently hierarchical and unsubtly competitive, nothing situates, stimulates, and motivates people quite like a leaderboard.”


  • Testimonial
    Serguei Netessine, Professor of Global Technology and Innovation

    Objective Logistics is disrupting the business model of a traditional industry that hasn’t experienced this kind of innovation in the last century, if ever. The combination of big data analytics and innovative labor performance management creates incentives to both reduce costs and increase revenues. The company is driven by a highly experienced team and is backed up by the most advanced academic knowledge.

  • Testimonial
    Greg Pesik, President and CEO, Passkey

    By applying sophisticated analytics to data that restaurants already have, Objective Logistics is unlocking revenue and diner satisfaction opportunities that before now have gone untapped. It’s game-changing and one of the most important advances in restaurant technology in the past decade.

  • Testimonial
    Peter Christie, Consultant and Former President of Massachusetts Restaurant Association

    I got involved with MUSE software at Objective Logistics for two main reasons. First, MUSE is a time saver that builds sales and improves productivity in a very cost-effective manner.  Secondly, the team truly understands the potential and need for technology in the foodservice industry. I am pleased and proud to put my energies and name to such a creative product.

  • Testimonial
    Steve Silverstein, Founder and CEO, Not Your Average Joe's

    Growing a successful restaurant brand relies on consistently excellent service and consistently excellent execution.  MUSE lets us manage and measure our team with a consistent and data-driven approach across all locations.

What do you get when you combine incentives and performance measurement that really matter?