Check out MUSE’s feature set.

Measure Staff: Create custom ranking categories for your business, and measure your staff against them. Straight out of the box, MUSE provides you with Sales and Tips components that sync directly to your POS system, pulling information from your data. From there, add any and all categories that you think makes your business tick: Reliability, Teamwork, Side Work, Survey Results. Apply different weights to different categories. It’s all in the palm of your hand, and you create the culture that can best serve your customers during any individual quarter or season. Once created, staff can login to their MUSE and see how they are fairing in real-time versus their peers, and versus their own past performance. Start the conversation, and create a culture of self-improvement and a new era of productivity. You’ll be happy you did.

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Improve your sales and the guest experience.

Improve Your Sales and the Guest Experience: MUSE uses ranks and real-time performance assessment to motivate staff and create a culture of constant self-improvement. What results is your staff putting in the extra effort needed to keep guests coming back to your store(s). Whether you encourage the prompt delivery of hot food, the filling of water glasses, selling gift certificates or great customer satisfaction survey scores, MUSE will aid in instilling a rewards-based culture that fosters service excellence at every touch point with your customers. You can access data never before available and act upon that data immediately on any device. Use MUSE as an up-to-the-minute report card, and help your team get straight As.


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Forecast and schedule your sales and labor.

Forecast and Schedule Your Sales and Labor: MUSE provides all labor and schedule management functions that you need to run your business efficiently and cost-effectively. MUSE provides a simple approval workflow for availability and time-off requests, cost management, sales and labor forecasting, and a complete mobile user-interface that is easy for staff and management to use. Sync your schedules back into your POS for time and attendance purposes. Spend less than 30 minutes planning and scheduling your workforce, and then spend the time where your business needs it most – in front of the customer and on the floor.

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Designed for staff, and every device in the world.

Access MUSE Anywhere, on Any Device: We completely redesigned MUSE so that it will look great no matter where you use it. We know you’re always on the go, so we kept mobile in mind when designing it for over 30 mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

All of the features you know and love are now easier to use and engineered to give you access to the information you need to perform at the top of your game. From multi-day time off requests to detailed ranking information, the controls are intuitive, the colors vibrant, and the site blazingly fast.

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Ranking by categories.

Fair Rankings by Categories: As you know, a job well done is about more than just salesmanship, it’s about creating an amazing experience for each guest that walks in your door. On the same token, you should be recognized for all of the little things you do to accomplish just that. That’s why we’re providing management with the ability to create ranking categories that not only fit your culture, but fit firmly into your wallet. From behaviors like Attitude and Team Work, to skills like Survey Scores and Specials Sold, each category will factor into your overall rank.

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Your schedule, your workplace, in the palm of your hand.

View and Edit Schedules, Swap Shifts, Send Messages, and See Who You’re Working with: Quickly and easily see your upcoming shifts. Click any date in the calendar or scheduled shift to see who else is working. Messages allow you to view your Time Off Requests and Availability Changes, giving you a neatly organized view of their status, complete with manager comments on their approval or rejection. Viewing your Availability and Dream Schedule and updating them is now easier than ever. Two clicks to edit – one tap to cycle through your weekly preferences. Request Time Off for a single shift, an entire day, or a span of days right from your phone! It’s all there. It’s your MUSE.

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