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MUSE Contests

Custom Contests

Contests give you the tools to improve any part of your business by incenting staff to work both harder and smarter.

  • Customize contests to keep your team engaged and focused on specific goals
  • Run competitions among locations, managers, or staff within a location
  • Align your entire team to work toward optimizing menu mix and operations

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Custom Contests


Standings motivate your team and give them the insight they need to perform better every shift. The leaderboards are optimized for display on every device ranging from smartphones to desktops.

  • Take advantage of healthy competition to engage your team and encourage them to work smarter and harder
  • Contest participants can check standings at any time to see how they are performing relative to their peers
  • Leaderboards reveal which staff are your top performers, and point out the staff that need mentoring and improvement


Reports provide insight into staff and location performance and give you the metrics to track improvement over time.

  • Explore data for comps, voids, and discounts to minimize loss and reveal discrepancies
  • View aggregated data per location, and drill down to view it per staff, contest, or check
  • Analyze how contests affect performance at each location

Scheduling & Forecasting

Staff Scheduling

Dramatically simplify your scheduling process while rewarding your best performing service staff with their preferred shifts.

  • Save time with an easy to use, automated toolset
  • Leverage performance-based scheduling to reward your best staff with their preferred shifts
  • Staff can view schedules on any device

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Forecast sales using historical trends, and year-on-year sales growth. Let your forecast automatically determine your baseline schedule.

  • Compare forecasts, trends, and actuals for sales and labor
  • Calculate real costs including overtime for salaried, hourly and gratuity staff
  • View schedule-driven labor dollars, % of sales, and hours by group, job, or skill


Rank your staff based on the criteria that matter most to your business. Inspire them to improve through healthy competition.

  • Create and customize data-driven & manual categories that make up the ranking for each skill
  • MUSE’s algorithms take day and shift advantages into account to make rankings as fair as possible
  • Identify staff that need mentoring or motivating


Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting

Unlock the potential of your staff and your business with a sophisticated, easy-to-use suite of analytics that transforms your POS data into insights.

  • Discover how staff behavior is driving business performance
  • Understand your sales & menu mix, and how your staff influence it
  • Deploy and track performance improvement plans over time


Increase sales of add ons and modifiers.  Promote the items that define your brand.  Control up to 20% of your menu mix by more effectively engaging staff.

  • Place points on menu items you wish to sell more of
  • Personalized item suggestions are delivered to staff prior to each shift
  • 70% of staff check their Bullseye score after every shift

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