Meet MUSE:
Change the way your labor works



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Measure your staff based on criteria that matters to your business, every shift. Inspire them to improve through healthy competition.

  • Data-driven & manual ranking categories
  • Day-part and weekday advantages automatically factored in
  • Identify staff that need mentoring or motivating, and why


Increase sales of adds on and modifiers.  Promote the items that define your brand.  Control up to 20% of your menu mix by more effectively engaging staff.

  • Place points on menu items you wish to sell more of
  • Items are delivered to staff phones prior to each shift
  • 70% of staff check their Bullseye score after every shift

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Forecast sales using historical trends, and year-on-year sales growth. Let your forecast automatically determine your baseline schedule.

  • Compare forecasts, trends, and actuals for sales and labor
  • Calculate real costs—including overtime—for salaried, hourly and gratuity staff
  • View schedule-driven labor dollars, % of sales, and hours by group, job, or skill

Staff Scheduling

Dramatically simplify your scheduling process while rewarding your best performing service staff with their preferred shifts.

  • Save time with an easy to use, automated toolset
  • Leverage performance-based scheduling to reward your best staff with their preferred shifts
  • Communicate your schedule directly to staff with MUSE for mobile

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Data Analytics and Reporting

Unlock the potential of your staff and your business with a sophisticated, easy-to-use suite of analytics that transforms your POS data into insights.

  • Discover how staff behavior is driving business performance
  • Understand your sales & menu mix, and how your staff influence it
  • Deploy and track performance improvement plans over time


Connect with your team on their mobile devices.

  • Let staff manage their schedule from their mobile – check schedule, request time-off, swap shifts, etc…
  • Let staff check leaderboard rankings.  Analysis has shown staff check rankings close to once per day on average
  • Send messages and alerts out to your team on their mobile devices