Why MUSE Works

Why MUSE Works

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Friendly Staff Competition will
Lead to Increased Customer
and Sales

1 Formalize Contests and Incentives


MUSE focuses your staff on company goals and initiatives to help drive sales and improve guest experience. By utilizing game theory, leaderboards, and your own incentives, managers can to motivate staff toward excellence. Through our mobile interface, MUSE’s suite of tools create a culture of excellence and brand consistency across all locations.

The way to get things done is to stimulate competition.

- Charles Schwab

2 Unleash Staff’s Competitive Nature

MUSE creates an intelligent leaderboard that rates staff performance based on customizable, objective measurements like sales, tips, sales of specific items, appearance, behavior, etc…

Gamifying incentives based on the right metrics is proven to focus sales on the results most important to your business.

Making outcomes more visible to more people guarantees more discussion about who’s successful and why. Leaderboards are terrific media for promoting and provoking engagement.

- Harvard Business Review


3 Unlock Value of POS Data

Your POS system holds incredibly valuable information on historical sales and profitability, server performance, scheduling optimization, etc…

By integrating with POS systems, MUSE lets operational decision makers gain new insights and make more intelligent decisions around scheduling, staffing, incentive management, and general business management.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

- W. Edward Deming

4 Turn Scheduling into Incentives Tool

60% of waitstaff quit because they do not get good shifts.

Award your top performers with their preferred schedule while simplifying and standardizing your entire scheduling process.

The difference in take-home tips is up to $100 across shifts

- Objective Logistics Data

Case Study

Learn more about how Not Your Average Joe’s simplified scheduling for GMs and adopted a performance based scheduling strategy.

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